Preston is a Trading Name of Preston Media International Limited. We are a UK Media company, Specialising in Publishing, Talent Promotion and Representation, and Content Development.

We Strive to Offer Our Creators Fair Contracts, and the Ability to Have Them Join the Preston Media Family. 

Through 2020 & Onwards, We Are Scouting the Very Best, Unpublished Fiction Writers, Public Figures, & Creators to Join Our Family!

If You Represent Somebody Looking to Have Their Works Published, Please Contact Us At:

Please Note, Unsolicited Manuscripts, Content or Materials Will Be Returned or Destroyed Without Consideration or Review, for Legal Reasons. 

Please Be Sure to Include Your, or the Person You Represent, Full Name, Postal Address & Contact Number and Email.

Understandably, we are unable to give out or pass-on any contact or other details for any of our authors. 

We are not representatives or agents of any authors we work with and are unable to assist with any personal or business queries you may have for them that do not involve works published by Preston Media International Limited.

For Returns information, please see the product FAQs.  


"Companies We Work With"  Disclaimer

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