A Gloss A2 Poster of Ally Law's Debut Book: Living on the Edge (Sent Rolled).


Filled with photos, untold stories, and more, Ally Law tells his story in the thrilling autobiography Living on the Edge


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Living on the Edge Poster

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Is this an official book? Why isn't it on the Ally Law website?

Preston Media International Limited are the exclusive publisher of this book. We work closely with all of our Authors on all releases.


Can the Author sign my copy?

Unfortunately, due to the number of orders we recieve, we are unable to have induvidual books signed by Ally Law. However, the Author may run specific promotions for signed copies through their social media platforms.

Book signings nationwide, arranged by Preston Media International, can be expected around the time of launch. These will be announced on our company, and the Author's social media platforms. 


Can I buy this book in a book shop?

Yes. Living on the Edge by Ally Law will be available for purchase in Bookstores internationally, a short while after the initial release online.


Are there gift options available? 

All of our products arrive in a postage sleave, without book titles, or author names appearing on the exterior packaging. We are not able to provide gift wrapping or personal messages at this time.


Is this book available cheaper elsewhere?

Our book prices are static across platforms, however during special events, prices may be reduced by us, or other stores, platforms, or distributors.


Can I buy copies for my bookstore?

Yes! For the best rates on wholesale or distribution purchases, please contact us directly: contact@prestonmediainternational.com


Is this book appropriate for children? 

This book is recommended for ages 14 and above. The content contains infrequent explitive language, violence, and threat.


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